Eliminate stress and live to the max!

– Drs. Miranda Veltman, Psychologist

Eliminate stress and live to the max!

– Drs. Miranda Veltman, Psychologist

“Miranda has been a key support to our family through some of our most challenging times. We never had the feeling that we were just another client or a slot in her schedule.”


Miranda has a strong sense of integrity, duty and responsibility. She is conscientious, trustworthy and hardworking and does not give up easily.

Drs. Carmencita Chemont

She taught me a lot about how the brain works and provided me with a multitude of tools to handle and regulate my emotions and energy.


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Research confirms that long-term stress has a considerable influence on our health, mood, and behavior!

The consequences can become detrimental to:

→ Lose joy in life

→ Developing illnesses

→ Your career or company is suffering

→ Lose relationships, friends, and family

→ Lack of energy or enthusiasm to do anything

→ Stress will have a negative influence on your mindset & resilience.

→ You may start to compensate with food, alcohol or avoid places or people.

→ Because you are easily irritated you may have conflicts at home or at work.

What happens if you can control your stress level?

What can you expect?

✓ Consistent growth, you are consistently progressing towards your goals.

✓ Intimate relationships, you dedicate enough time to your significant others.

✓ Finances, you are growing your wealth.

✓ Spiritual health, you are nourishing your soul and expressing gratitude.

✓ Career, you are dedicating enough time to growing your career and business.

✓ Physical Health, you are following successful nutrition and you are active.

✓ Fun and excitement, you are making enough time to do things you love doing.

✓ Contribution, you are contributing to something greater than yourself.

✓ Family & Friends, you are spending enough time with the people who matter most.

✓ Emotional health, you have enough time to self care.

“I will give you the tools to have your stress under control and have your wheel of life in balance for the rest of your life!”

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Meet Stress Coach & Mental Health Care Psychologist Miranda Veltman

Hi, my name is Miranda Veltman and I am a licensed, international psychologist, with evidence and practice based techniques and methodologies. I help people to deal with stress in a healthy way so you stay in balance!

Experience has taught me which methods can be used to permanently solve problems…

“Miranda’s coaching sessions have given me a fundamental basis in my life. I’m now in balance and can deal with my stress in a healthy way. It has been the best investment of my life!”


Experience the positive lasting effects of evidence and practice based methodologies

✓ Solve your problem once and for all in the shortest possible time frame.

✓ The sessions are tailor made and I will be 24 hours available

✓ Experience an outcome that will transform your life, take your relationships to the next level, and give your life more meaning.

✓ You will have access to your own online learning environment with inspiration material

The sessions are provided in the comfort of your own home (physical/ online) or at my location in Sint Maarten, the Caribbean.