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Discreet, evidence-based methods for true transformation

1 on 1 executive program for leaders

This 1-on-1 program will get you to your next level in life. Learn to live how you want to live instead of keeping it by thoughts. By breaking down your obstacles you will master your underlying issues and become that unbreakable leader. Ready for that clear mind, innovation, and growth?

24 hour program with Miranda

In this therapy process, you receive the key to your problem in 24 hours! We will go straight to the root to unlock the problem once and for all. It is time for that confrontation to let your intentions come true! “ Live the life you want to lead, not the life you think you should”

Stress coaching package

You probably already accomplished a lot in life, but you are still missing that balance. The stress is causing you burnout, depression or anxiety. With the unique, personalized, coaching program you will feel happy, accepted, and competent again by getting back your (self) control and being able to set realistic boundaries. You will learn to believe in yourself, trust yourself and BE yourself! Want to know how you can deal with your stress? Request a free intake!

VIP package

Are you a celebrity or well known and would like to receive coaching at your own location in the Caribbean or in Holland? Then this package will fulfill your needs. In your own safe environment, we will eliminate your stress, so you live to your highest level, together with your loved ones.

Investment in you is an investment for life.

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Expat program

 Moving to a new country may trigger unexpected changes in our lives and in the way we see ourselves. It can be easy to focus on settling and supporting your family — and lose sight of yourself in the process. Challenge, sacrifice, doubt, frustration, fear, and loneliness can become constant companions. I can help.