Private Individual Workshop – The Intention Method


→ The workshops are based on the Intention Method developed by professor Franz Ruppert over the past thirty years.

→ It is open to anyone who wishes to discover a new way of being in a healthy relationship with themself.

→ You will connect your healthy core to your desire for development. It helps us to be successful, enjoy life, and be healthy.

→ No prior experience is necessary. Just a willingness to be curious and a want to explore yourself through this experiential method of taking charge and making another step towards yourself in a group setting.

→ It is a place for your self-healing and where you are in charge of your healing process.

→ We start the workshop with a short introduction to the intention method and then two interactive self-resonance processes are done.

→ We determine who can do their own interactive self-resonance process by drawing lots.

→ You are free to participate in a lottery, or participate as a resonance person, or only be present as an observing participant without actively participating in an interactive self-resonance process.

→ The workshops are limited to a maximum of 14 participants. You are very welcome.



Private Individual Workshop- Turn your intention into a transformation

✓ 1 intention
✓ 2 hours
✓ at your home, vacation address or yacht