1-on-1 Executive Program


As a CEO, entrepreneur, or manager you are at the top and often alone in your decisions. One misjudgment of a situation can immediately have a major risk for the organization, your career, health, income, and family. With the 1-on-1 Executive Coaching Program you have me as a clear mirror, which gives you exactly that tailor made guidance you need to get to the next level. Because there is a direct connection between your (mental) resilience and that of your company, this coaching process will lead to your success and happiness in your business and private life.

The greatest strength is your strength of mind!

During the process you learn to choose and trust your gut, which will help you to have the ‘correct’ answers to all your questions with no judgments and confusion but with acceptance, patience and trust you will learn to let go and be proactive to create that peace and balance you are looking for.

You receive my 100% attention, and I will be, during the entire process, available 24-hours. This is a 3-month program but can be extended if there are new intentions (goals) during the process.

✓ Discreet

✓ Straight to the core

✓ Lasting results


I become a better version of myself after Miranda’s coaching sessions.

“I make my decisions with more awareness and live now my life the way I visualized it. The change was visible in my business and at home and caused more peace. I have experienced the collaboration with Miranda as very pleasant.”


Miranda is a coach who has helped me to push my boundaries in every area of ​​my life.

“Miranda noticed in 1 session what was holding me back. It was more than worth the investment and ultimately gave me a lot more.”


This is not for everyone

Due to my current schedule, I can only admit a LIMITED number of Executive Clients.

If you would like to know more about the Executive Coach options, please schedule an intake.

Upon receipt, I will contact you to answer your questions and to discover whether there is a right ‘match’ between us.

Investment in you is an investment for life!                                                                                                                     The investement for this executive Coaching package is $4500.