Science has now come to the point where you have a proven solution for almost every problem.

– Dr. Miranda Veltman, Psychologist

Miranda my working buddy

“I have had the pleasure of working with Miranda in various contexts over the years. She is attentive to clients and has an unique knack for interacting in both a positive and instructive manner. She has previous experience in teaching and this is reflected in her organizational and planning skills. When giving training in groups she is spontaneous and not afraid of receiving feedback, be it positive or negative which makes it easy for the group participants to interact, feel comfortable and not judged. She is always looking to expand her professional knowledge and is great at creating new ideas and exploring innovative procedures.

Miranda has a strong sense of integrity, duty and responsibility. She is conscientious, trustworthy and hardworking and does not give up easily. As a member of our team she is inclined to pull us along and does not allow us to procrastinate. Her enthusiasm and energetic pursuit of “more and different” keep the team motivated and active.

I am lucky to have Miranda as a colleague, and I look forward to working with her for many years to come!”

Drs. Carmencita Chemont

“Miranda is well versed in her work, professional with a motherly approach that is very trusting and allows for openness.“


About coach psychologist Miranda Veltman

My name is Miranda Veltman and I am a coach and mental health care psychologist. Because of my post-academic background as psychologist, you have the guarantee that I have the background to help you as a coach. As a licensed psychologist. you have on a regular basis, your own learning therapy, which keeps you sharp.

I believe that everyone should have this mental workout regularly! It will increase your state of awareness, keep you in balance, and be able to deal with your stressors.

There is research that states 60% of our physical problems are stress related. Be mentally fit means be physically healthy. We will train that muscle that has your attention at this moment.

Compare your personality with an onion, you have like an onion, different layers. We will discover what these layers have to do with your problem and your needs.

Compare it with going to the gym where you train each time on a different muscle group (layer), which brings you step by step to your higher intention (goal).

With science-based techniques and methodologies…

…I help people to find their deeper layers, tackle their problems and bring them to that higher level in life.

Methods that I make use of are: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy, Identity- oriented Psychotrauma Therapy and EMDR.

Experience has taught me to be able to give you that tailor-made approach that will help you to reach your intentions (goals).

Because we go straight to the root of the problem, I can help people to find a lasting solution in the shortest possible time.

We will not waste any of your valuable time. The sessions can take place in Sint Maarten. It is one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

That is why I moved from the Netherlands to Sint Maarten in 2012. Maybe you would like to combine your sessions with a wonderful vacation?

If it does not suit you to come to Sint Maarten, you can choose to do the sessions online. Also, my methods are just as effective online.

I can also travel in the Caribbean to your location, and I am often in The Netherlands.

Are you ready to solve your mental problems once and for all?

The first step is to make an appointment!

Do you want to…

✓ Discover the various parts in you, which makes the “I”?

✓ Accept yourself fully and be happy and in balance?

✓ Make the right choices and be successful in life?

✓ Find your purpose in life (again)?

✓ Tackle your old habits for good and make that life change?

✓ Do you want your new identity to be permanent?

Investment & Contact


  • Flexible in time and place, I can come to you, or we do online!
  • 100% confidentiality and discretion guaranteed.
  • I am a licensed psychologist.
  • To get to the core in the shortest possible time, sometimes a few sessions are enough.
  • Available 24 hours.
  • Access to your own online learning environment with inspirational material.