Stress coaching


The problem with stress is that you can often feel like stress is in control of you rather than the other way around.

My slogan is “We can handle pain, but we don’t have to suffer!”

This stress coaching package will be suitable for you if:

• You are experiencing an elevated level of stress and need to make changes but are not sure how to do so

• You are experiencing negative effects from stress such as fatigue, burnout, anxiety, digestive issues, or sleep problems but do not feel you have enough to manage stress by yourself

• You have a lot going on in your life and are feeling overwhelmed from trying to manage everything, but you don’t know where to start to regain a more balanced life

• You already know you need to tackle stress in your life but want an expert and an ally to guide and support you through strategic changes to get stress under control

• You need to master stress and build resilience so you can continue to grow and push yourself in a sustainable way


I came to see Miranda because I was having issues with anxiety.

“After the initial intake procedure we cut straight to our sessions. Not only was she able to listen and understand me. She also taught me helpful techniques on how to best deal with my anxiety in future. At first it took some adjusting but now I apply them in my daily life. While life still brings me challenges and difficult times, I feel I am now more able to keep my anxiety from reaching an all-time high. I am forever grateful. Thank you Miranda!”


Miranda has been my 16-year-old daughter’s psychologist for over 7 years, and her care has been invaluable to us.

“Her kind, caring and understanding manner, as well as wealth of knowledge and experience in her field are some of what my daughter and I value about her, and would recommend to others.”


“With the coaching program you will feel happy, accepted, and competent again by getting back your (self)control and being able to set realistic boundaries. You will learn to believe in yourself, trust yourself and BE yourself!”

What can you expect?

• Better sleep

• Improvement in energy

• Improved work/life balance

• Improvement in mood and motivation

• Greater mental clarity and improved productivity

• Improvement in relationships and communication

• Reduction or elimination of destructive habits caused by stress

• Increased confidence and resilience to deal with stress in the future

• Reduction in stress related physical symptoms such as tension, pain, skin, and digestive problems

I started seeing Miranda, because I was feeling very stressed out, feeling lost and closed off from everything around me.

“With her guidance, she helped me re-evaluate myself and my life, using different techniques and helped me make peace with my inner self.   I am in a much better place now, feeling free and confident again. I can highly recommend Miranda, she is kind and compassionate and will be there for you.”


You receive my 100% attention, and I will be available 24-hours during the entire process. This is a 3-month program but can be extended if there are new intentions (goals) during the process.

This is not for everyone

Due to my current schedule, I can only admit a LIMITED number of clients.

If you would like to know more about the Stress coaching options, please schedule an intake.

Upon receipt, I will contact you to answer your questions and to discover whether there is a right ‘match’ between us.

“Investment in you is an investment for life”

The investment of this package is $3500,-