Healing workshop by using

The Intention Method

from Professor Franz Ruppert

Do you have intentions as:

✓ I want to be happy

✓ I want to be more relaxed

✓ I want to let go of the past

✓ I want to handle my stress

✓ I want to be in touch with my own identity

If we have trouble realizing our intentions or dreams, there is often something blocking us. By processing this small or big issue we really can make our intentions and dreams come true. The Intention method underlies our ability to be in a healthy relationship with ourselves and with others. It helps us to be successful, enjoy life and be healthy. The Intention Method enhances your health and wholeness, creating a safe framework within which you can process difficulties from all periods of life.

The Intention Method is based on the Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT), which has been developed by Dr. Franz Ruppert over the past 30 years. 

No prior experience is necessary. Just a willingness to be curious and a want to explore yourself through this experiential method of taking charge and making another step towards yourself in a group setting. It is a place for your self-healing and where you are in charge of your healing process.

In one session I can guide you to a very core issue in your life, in a deeper way than you ever had experienced before. You will be your own mirror, or your family members or friends can resonate your intentions.

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Step by Step Explanation of the Intention Method

Based on “Het mamatrauma. Hoe vroegkinderlijke ervaringen je leven ongewild beïnvloeden” Margriet Wentink.


1. Formulate your intention

Formulate a single sentence of what you want/ your intention.


2. Write it down

Write down the meaning of your desire/intention.


3. Choose a word

Choose a word, from your sentence of intention, that you want to investigate first.


4. Ask someone

Ask someone (a person from your group): “Do you want to be in resonance with the word … in my intention: … [you repeat the desire]?” place your hands on their shoulders or make eye contact) and guide him/her to a place in the room that you find appropriate. We can perceive something in ourselves or mirrored in the other by means of the so-called ‘resonance’.


5. The resonance person expresses what he notices

This resonance person expresses what he notices (physical sensations, images, emotions, thought). The person can answer questions and can decide to walk away from you or come closer by.


6. Make a connection

Make a connection with what is now happening with you: feelings, movement impulses, images, memories, impulses to say or ask something.


7. Ask again

If that takes a long time and there is no more new information, you can ask someone again to go into resonance with the next word you are investigating. You do that in the same way as with the first word (see 4)


8. Interaction between the three of you

Now the three of you are in a space and there can be resonance and interaction between the three of you.


9. Keep observing

Keep observing what happens to it: what sensations do you perceive, and what impulses are there? Does the information come to you, does what resonates remind you of something, someone, or a situation?


10. See what you can

If you want, you can see what you can so that the others can check what is being done to them again.


11. Repeat this

You can repeat this (step 4) for all the words in the sentence of your desire that you would like to explore.


12. the active process starts

In this way an active process starts, in which the deeper meaning of each word can emerge from your desire.


13. reflect on the whole process

Together with your specially trained counselor (who is specialized in trauma theory and attachment theories), you will reflect on the whole process and what this means for your future.

Get 50% off

on a 1-on-1 Intention Method session valued at €300.

Do you have a desire?

Your body has the answer, book a session and find out!

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