Turn your intention into a transformation


By using the Intention Method

from Professor Franz Ruppert

“It is really a mind blowing experience!”


The workshops are based on the Intention Method (Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy IoPT) developed by professor Franz Ruppert over the past thirty years.

It is open to anyone who wishes to discover a new way of being in a healthy relationship with themself.

You will connect your healthy core to your desire for development. It helps us to be successful, enjoy life, and be healthy.

No prior experience is necessary. Just a willingness to be curious and a want to explore yourself through this experiential method of taking charge and making another step towards yourself.

It is a place for your self-healing and where you are in charge of your healing process.

We start the workshop with a short introduction to the intention method and then we start with the interactive self-resonance process(es), we end the workshop with an evaluation.

In a group workshop you are free to participate in a lottery (and come with an own intention), or participate as a resonance person, or only be present as an observing participant without actively participating in an interactive self-resonance process.

The group workshops are limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

“Thank you Miranda for your knowledge and professional approach.

Yesterday healing session was an eye opening deep emotional human experience that peels one more layer of the onion and brings us one step closer to our true selves.

What I’ll keep as playing ” Life!” are the words: “Choose Life…I am fun and colorful”


Book the workshop for yourself
or for a private group
in 3 steps:

1 → Choose your package
2 →  Pay directly online
3 →  After payment, we will plan your ideal date and time.

Private Individual Workshop

✓ 1 intention
✓ 2 hours
✓ at your home, vacation address or yacht


Private Group Workshop

✓ 2 intentions
✓ 3 hours
✓ at your home, vacation address or yacht
(maximum 15 persons)


Group Workshop
at location

✓ 2 intention
✓ 3 hours
(maximum 15 persons)


Download the necessary agreement form here

To book a workshop you need to fill in this Agreement form. Download it, fill it in and mail it to info@mirandaveltman.com