Stress is part of our lives, it keeps us sharp, makes life interesting, and exciting, and brings out the best in us!

Long-term stress is not healthy, and sometimes it feels like we cannot escape it. So, what do you do then?

You may also notice that your body is giving warning signs. You often have headaches, are tired, or experience other types of pain. Perhaps you or people in your environment also notice changes in your mood? You are grumpier, argue faster, and are less patient?

  • Is it an internal stressor or an external stressor for you?
  • Has the stressor been in your life for a long or brief time?
  • Is there 1 stressor or several stressors at the same time?
  • How supportive is your environment? Does your environment help you cope with this stress or are you on your own?
  • How many balls are you trying to juggle/ keep in the air right now?

In this blog are a few tips on how to deal with long-term stress!

Tip 1:
What would you say to your best friend if he/she were in this position? You would show understanding and empathy. Can you be empathetic towards yourself too? Acknowledge to yourself that it is difficult right now! Put your hand on your heart and make contact with your body, how does your body react to this? Give the emotions space, they want to be acknowledged.

Why this advice? Compassion creates space! Physically nothing will change but emotionally it does!

Tip 2:
Often there is already a stressor in our lives and we put even more stress on top of it by worrying about it! Worrying takes you even further from your solutions and thinking of the worst-case scenarios only creates more stress! Tell yourself “Thoughts are not facts.” Notice your thoughts but let them flow past like clouds through the sky.

Focus on what you are doing right now and do this activity Mindfully. What do you hear, see, taste, feel, or smell?

Tip 3:
Have you heard of the phrase “circle of influence from Stephen Covey “? Ask yourself whether the stressor(s) you are currently dealing with is within your circle of influence or outside your circle. Can you change it? Directly or indirectly? If not, accept how annoying it is but don’t try to fight it or even try to control it. Use that energy for the things you do have control over.

Tip 4:
Connect with your body. Do you notice that you are not in balance? Take a step back. You may not be able to get 100% out of yourself today since there is maybe only 50% of your energy in you. If you’re sick in bed, you don’t go to work either. Don’t let your body force you to go too far, rather listen to it at an earlier stage! We are all not superheroes, unfortunately!